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About Us

Hi, I'm Alex! 

I launched Faith And Caffeine in 2017 after overcoming years of struggles with depression and addiction. I had a cross that I would wear as a reminder that I am held in God's grace. I would hold it in my palm and feel comforted in the faith that I have His love. I created Faith and Caffeine with the hope that you can find a talisman here that you can carry with you as a reminder that you are not alone. You are loved by Him.

All you need is faith... and maybe a little caffeine. ;-)


Faith and Caffeine is more than a brand, it's a family. When you purchase products on our site, you are also contributing to end poverty and hunger. A portion of the proceeds goes to Compassion International, a Christian child sponsorship organization, dedicated to releasing children from economic, physical and spiritual poverty. Join the Faith and Caffeine family to help those in need.